I wanted to make a necklace that's colourful but completely effortless; something you could wear all day. No clasps, nothing fussy, just pop it over your head and go. The Shoreline Necklace is the answer! I make every glass bead by hand -- they are hollow so the light comes through -- by melting coloured rods in a torch. I shape every bead uniquely, then anneal them in a digitally-controlled kiln.


Once the beads are cool I etch them for a soft matte finish, then thread them on quality Greek leather cord.


The Shoreline Necklace is 28 inches long.

Sky Blue Shoreline Necklace

  • This is a handmade item. Your item will be essentially the same as those in the photos, but since no two of my beads are alike they will not be identical. I want you to be happy with your Beau Glass Works purchase. If you are dissatisfied for any reason pelase email me and I'll make it right with a replacement or refund.