I’m Cathy Beaumont, glass bead maker and jewellery designer in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m thrilled to share my work with you!

I’ve been designing and making jewellery since 2012, after a long and enjoyable career working in nonprofit communications and teaching graphic design.

I discovered glass beadmaking around 2010, and learned from Joanne Andrighetti the secrets of melting and forming glass beads. I have also learned from Janice Peacock, Margaret Zinser Hunt, Alexx Cheng, Holly Cooper, Sara Sally LaGrand, Kristen Frantzen Orr and Corina Tettinger.

I’m a proud member of Terminal City Glass Co-op, the Craft Council of British Columbia, the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, and Pacific Pyros.

I love colour. Love. It. I know how colour affects our emotional state, and I really enjoy creating pieces that make people feel better. I'm also drawn to clean, modernist design, and so combining those things in my jewellery is really rewarding. I want to make the pieces of jewellery that you wear All. The. TIme.

I am open to wholesale and consignment orders, as well as custom pieces!

Email me at beaumont [at] telus [dot] net